EPA Lead Testing and Its Importance

Drinking unsafe water puts you at risk of harmful diseases and health complications. About 2 billion people globally live in water-stressed countries. Our heavy reliance on industrialization makes it common for heavy metals and chemicals to leech inside water.

Moreover, water contamination is far more common than most people think. You might believe that you have been drinking clean drinking water, but in reality, you could be drinking water unsafe for human consumption.

Therefore, getting yearly EPA lead testing is a must. Water testing allows you to ensure that the water you are drinking is safe and free from toxins.

The Importance of Getting Water Testing Services

The U.S environmental protection agency (EPA) is responsible for regulating public drinking water. They check public drinking water systems to determine the number of harmful toxins, germs, and chemicals.

EPA makes water testing mandatory for all water utilities. Water utilities must test their drinking water systems and share the results with their consumers. They are mandated to notify their customers through notices of violations and drinking water advisories.

However, water contamination can still occur. Additionally, drinking water can contain hazardous levels of heavy metals like lead. Lead contamination occurs when corroding lead pipes leech the metal in the waterways.

When people unknowingly consume this water, they fall prey to lead poisoning. Hence, EPA lead testing is the need of the hour.

Water Testing Keeps You and Yours Safe

Water testing is necessary to protect yourself and your loved ones from lead or toxin poisoning. Moreover, water testing services allow you to learn more about water treatment and signs of hazards. However, where can you get reliable and accurate water testing services?

The answer is Rapid Water Testing!

Rapid Water Testing gives you the freedom to drink tap water without fear. From environmental testing to advanced microscopy and chemical research, Rapid Water Testing makes it easy to get all water testing services under one roof.

So stop risking the safety of your loved ones, and book an appointment today for lead testing in New York!

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