Best Water Testing New York


Do you want the most accurate water test results possible?

Whether you need your water tested for lead or other contaminants or if you want an overall assessment of your home's water quality, we've got you covered with our comprehensive services.

Our water testing services give peace of mind to those in New York. Rapid Water Testing can detect harmful substances in your water, ranging from minerals to heavy metals. Our team is highly-skilled, friendly, and ready to guide you through testing.

Are you concerned about the safety of your water?

Well, we can test it for you! We're the best water testing company in New York City, and we'll let you know exactly what's in your water. Some of the things we can test for include the following:

  • Various metals like lead, Iron, copper, silver, aluminum, zinc, cadmium, and mercury.
  • Water test for safe water hardness levels and chemicals such as arsenic, E. coli coliform, and other substances.
  • Our water testing services ensure the safety of your tap or healthy water.
  • We can test for contaminants like bacteria and other microorganisms, heavy metals and minerals, and chemicals such as arsenic.
  • We can also test for your water’s discoloration, odor, and greasy films.
  • Water test for pH balance, turbidity, and conductivity.

We know that the safety of your drinking water is important to you, and we guarantee that our technicians will conduct their tests with the utmost care. However, if you're concerned about the quality of your water, don't wait for another second—give us a call today!