Daycare Water Testing In New York: Safe Water for Your Daycare!

At Rapid Water Testing, we know that staying on top of your daycare's water quality is an integral part of ensuring the health and safety of your children. That's why we offer water testing services specifically tailored to your needs. So whether you're looking for metal testing, or something more comprehensive, we can help you find the best solution for your facility.

We offer flexible scheduling options so that you can choose the best time: during business hours or after hours. If you'd like us to perform an inspection while the facility isn't open, we'll be happy to accommodate your request!

Lead Testing for Daycare

Lead is a dangerous heavy metal that can cause serious health problems in young children. At Rapid Water Testing, we offer lead testing for daycares in New York to ensure that none of your little ones are exposed to lead when they drink from the tap or play in their drinking water.

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Comprehensive Daycare Water Testing In New York

Our comprehensive daycare water testing services include checking the pH balance and chlorine levels to testing for bacteria like E. coli and Coliforms. 

Need water testing for your daycare? You've come to the right place. Rapid Water Testing provides affordable and fast solutions for your daycare's safety. Contact us right away!